Wow, 2008

Here it is 2008 and the MySpace blogging tool still doesn’t fully work with Firefox. What’s up with that, Tom?

Given how “young” and “cutting edge” MySpace is, I would’ve thought Tom and his cabal would make their blogging tool work with more browsers than just stodgy IE (and maybe Safari, but I doubt it). [UPDATE: It doesn’t fully work in Safari either.]

Anyway, this blog post is just an excuse to try out the podcast enclosure feature and see if it actually works. [UPDATE: Which it doesn’t. Thanks, Tom!]

EVEN LATER: All right, mea culpa. The podcast enclosure works — just not in any way that people would know about unless they open a blog’s RSS feed. Even then, the whole process is a little cryptic. A casual reader would have no idea there’s an enclosed podcast unless the poster specifically mentions it.

This is a feature? – Aug. 19

Hey, Tom —

This text editor that you have to write blogs is dreadful, to the point where it is nearly unusable (at least on Firefox). I can use neither the arrow keys or keyboard commands to edit my post. It’s like I’m back on a terminal using PINE to check my e-mail.

This is almost as bad as trying to write a text message on your cell phone. Actually, it’s worse — nearly every phone I’ve used allows you to use the arrow keys.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I would really appreciate added functionality to these blogs.

Your friend,

Random MySpace muse – 2 June

There’s been a little pestering thought in the back of my mind as I browse through MySpace profiles. It’s nice to see what people are “here” for, but Tom only gives us four options. It’s not nearly enough.

We can be here for “dating,” “serious relationships,” “friends” and “networking.” I’m certainly here for more reasons that the four stated. I sometimes use MySpace for work, there’s not really an entry for that (although I suppose “networking” would qualify).

Tom — How hard would it be to include a box for people who are “here for the party.” 😉

Good night, folks. Try the veal.

My stab at MySpace humor

A couple of weeks ago, I replied to my first bulletin. Since MySpace (and Tom) delete bulletins after 10 days, I wanted to preserve this for posterity for all to enjoy (including Tom). – Ryan

Well, I’m responding to the most interesting bulletin I’ve seen in a while. Instead of the typical ’69 things I did to find good lovin’, someone is using the bulletins as a gauge to see if people are listening. Consequently, those that apparently didn’t post a reply to the bulletin may be dropped as a friend.

It’s an interesting approach, but it might be an imprecise tool. I don’t reply or repost bulletins because I’m just not into talking about ‘good lovin’ or propagating inane forwards about security breaches or promises of good luck. Oh, well. I’m here.

Since I’m on the soap box, I may as well respond to those burning questions. I hope no one’s offended — I’m trying to spice things up a bit.

Here we go:

  • Did you ever do it with a marsupial? Not yet.
  • What’s the last thing you saw before you blinked? This screen and my impending doom.
  • Could you please repost this bulletin so that Tom and the MySpace gang will know you’re still alive? No, for two reasons. One – I’m writing this darn thing. Two – if ‘Tom’ (if that’s his real name) needs users to repost lame bulletins to make sure a user account is active, then we’re all in poor shape.
  • Speaking of reposting this bulletin, what’s the most ominous threat you can conceive of to ‘encourage’ compliance? If you don’t pass this bulletin on, you will one day realize that you’ve lacked something for a long time. This feeling of loss is compounded by the fact that you didn’t miss whatever is missing until it was gone.
  • OK, now I need to ask a random, ‘wacky’ question: When was the last time you contributed to a compost pile? Never, unless you count using the bathroom. 😉
  • Seriously, nothing at all with the marsupial? I was tempted during a romantic cruise near Corsica, but the moment passed when I saw the marsupial for what it was — a pouched animal. I felt unworthy.


Just another Monday at the Bear.

  • Hell – Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • Speak Softly Love (Theme from The Godfather) – Wow, I so didn’t know that song.
  • Beautiful Day – It was U2’s song, I only sang it.
  • This Love – From Maroon 5. I thought I didn’t know it, but it came through in the end.
  • Just the Way You Are – Much better this time out although I doubt it will ever become a crowd pleaser.
  • Good Morning Starshine – Nooby Nobby Low Low.
  • Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash sang it right the first time.
  • Take Me Home, County Roads – Mountain Momma.
  • Wanted – I took the lead after providing back-up for months.
  • Rawhide – Another song about a cowboy (but with real horses, not metal ones)

Destroying my belief system

Pluming the depths of MySpace, I rediscovered “The Gleib” — aka Ben Gleib (name seems shorter than I remember from college). Anyway, Gleib is a comedian and is responsible of dispelling two beliefs that I’ve held for a while — that Screech from “Saved by the Bell” is funny and that dating shows are real. Sadly, Screech (Dustin Diamond) was dreadful live a few years back and “Blind Date” seems capable of pulling fast ones over its audience. More on my random thoughts on TV and music, here.

Grrr, why is MySpace’s music utility so lame? Where can I mark that I’m listening to the deleted tracks from The Blues Brothers soundtrack — specifically their cover of Johnny Horton’s “Sink the Bismark”? (BTW, you can download the songs from The Digital Bits’ review of the movie). It’s true that they recently rediscovered the missing tracks (they were on a reel deleted from the final cut of the film), but there’s no Blues Brothers listing at all. It’s crazy lame (just like MySpace eating this post). I don’t think Tom is truly my friend. 🙁


Clever people

Current mood:full

Good job to the bands effectively using this site to find people near them. At the very least, they’ve gotten me to check them out a bit. So, music groups — cool. Bars that aren’t my scene — not so much. Although I’m not into “thrash punk,” I added the groups to my friend list. After all, I don’t want to look like a über loser with just Tom on the list (no offense, Tom). The other person on the list though is cool (and I actually know her!)


Woh, lookit the time

Gee, I think I’m being good and going to bed early, but I’ve gotten snared by browsing the site, filling out my profile, putting up my photo for ranking (because I’m insanely curious about what others think about me) and stuff. I came to the site to figure out where my sister’s space had gone to (from Xanga) and now it’s just blossomed into this great experience. In addition to my sister, I found another sister, a co-worker, classmates from my high schools, etc. It’s darn interesting stuff. I promise to use the knowledge solely for good (or not at all). So I’m having fun. Sure, I was prompted to register and join the merry News Corp. family and the site organization could be a tad nicer. While I still like the space I’ve carved out at, it’s a lot better than Xanga.


The New Professionalism

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First post. This sure is an interesting site. I doubt I’ll take full advantage of it — I’ve got pokers in other fires elsewhere on the ‘net. While I was registering, this little note captured my eye:

Put your new MySpace URL on business cards, on email signatures or add it to your AIM Profile.

I’ve gotten more impressed by how many groups and people use MySpace, but there’s no way in heck I would go to the expense of making business cards and putting a MySpace address on it. Maybe the music groups would do that. Since MySpace won’t give the option, I’m playing the CBC Radio 3 podcast from 24 June (really digging “Tradition” from ska group Los Furios. Can’t wait until the network hits Sirius satelite.