Wow, 2008

Here it is 2008 and the MySpace blogging tool still doesn’t fully work with Firefox. What’s up with that, Tom?

Given how “young” and “cutting edge” MySpace is, I would’ve thought Tom and his cabal would make their blogging tool work with more browsers than just stodgy IE (and maybe Safari, but I doubt it). [UPDATE: It doesn’t fully work in Safari either.]

Anyway, this blog post is just an excuse to try out the podcast enclosure feature and see if it actually works. [UPDATE: Which it doesn’t. Thanks, Tom!]

EVEN LATER: All right, mea culpa. The podcast enclosure works — just not in any way that people would know about unless they open a blog’s RSS feed. Even then, the whole process is a little cryptic. A casual reader would have no idea there’s an enclosed podcast unless the poster specifically mentions it.

The trick’s on me

I wouldn’t have had much time for karaoke tonight because I’m working on a live blog for I had hoped to sing one quick song before going about my business. Alas, there’s no karaoke tonight — the Madison Bear Garden closed early at 10 p.m. for Halloween. It makes me sad on the inside. Just kidding, I’m really busy right now.