End of the rope

While driving around during the past few days, I’ve listened to many stories from This American Life. When I’m not listening to a CD, I try to find a local NPR station.

For some reason, all of the frustrations of the election flooded back as I drove through southwest Michigan. I think it was the old Bush-Cheney billboards touting such slogans as “Remember it’s your money” and something about national security being a top priority. I guess it was frustrating because I know that Bush’s record isn’t as shiny and satin-y white as some (apparently, a lot of) people believe.

Listening to Talk of the Nation and the debate on Congressional efforts to reform the federal government’s intelligence apparatus was just excruciating today. I had to pop in a music CD of klezmer music just to get my mind off the matter.

This, too, shall pass and I’ll be right back to being in the thick of it. For now, sometimes I want to get off of this crazy carousel.