MUNSTER — One of my regrets living in Houghton is that I didn’t travel enough. Well, I’ve been doing driving during the past two months than I have in the past four years.

Since my early October trip to St. Paul, Minn., I’ve visited six states and one Canadian province. I’m on the verge of driving around Lake Michigan for the second time in as many months. Seeing the country from the highway can be frustrating at times. It’s like sampling a buffet of geographic destinations when I want to the full course meal. Sorry, but I’m just continuing a tortured analogy I made earlier today.

At the same time, I’ve gotten to explore rural Michigan to the urban cores of Detroit and Chicago. Things have certainly been exciting. At the same time, I noticing that the whirlwind pace that many of these places are moving at is a dramatic change from the more sedate pace of my life over the past few months. Part of me is excited for the opportunity to race with the pack, but part of me is afraid that I can’t keep up.

The weather’s certainly gotten cooler as the glowing embers of fall have faded to the early twinges of winter cold. I’ve gotten to see a lot of neat places and I just want to keep going as far as my car can take me. Unfortunately, the pocketbook is the tightest leash on my travels at this point.

Tomorrow, I want to visit Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Like seeing the Stanley Cup in person, I’m awed to see this place where history was made, but I’m also saddened because I’ll never be in a condition to win a physical contest like the Super Bowl. Still, perhaps glimpsing sports history will encourage me to strive to be a more physical person and to bust out those leg warmers. Just kidding about the leg warmers part.