Time’s awastin’

MUNSTER, Ind. — On one of the many online bulletin board‘s I frequent, there was a discussion of how many TV shows we all own on DVD. It started getting scary when I added up all of hours of TV I own.

If I watched all the DVDs in one sitting, I would have nearly 12 days of consecutive viewing ahead of me. And that’s not including sleep.

Here’s what I’ve got:

1. Babylon 5 (syndicated) – Season 4, In the Beginning
2. Coupling (BBC) – Series 1-3
3. Doctor Who (BBC) – various stories
4. Farscape (Sci-Fi) – 1.1
5. Futurama (FOX) – all seasons
6. Homicide (NBC) – Seasons 1, 2
7. Made in Canada (CBC) – Season 1
8. The Newsroom (CBC) – Seasons 1, 2
9. The Office (BBC) – Series 1, 2, holiday special
10. Saturday Night Live (NBC) – The Best of Phil Hartman
11. The Simpsons (FOX) – Seasons 1-4
12. Stargate SG-1 (syndicated)- 1.1
13. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (syndicated) – all seasons
14. Yes, Prime Minister (BBC) – Series 1, 2
15. Tuning In (a series of specials about the CBC’s 50th birthday)

I’ve really tried to focus on getting a few series complete (collecting a UK/Canadian series is far easier and cheaper than a U.S. show) and then cherry-picking the rest where possible.

Totaling everything up was a bit of a pain, but I currently have 485 episodes of television programs. If I were to watch them entirely non-stop, I would have ~11.5 days of TV viewing ahead of me not counting sleep and any other non-essentials. Let’s not talk about how much all of this cost.

The 176 episodes of Deep Space Nine account for roughly half of my collection (~5.3 days).

I don’t watch them all at once. It’s nice having shows that you know are going to be good on my shelf. It’s a guaranteed good time. I don’t go out of my way to buy a TV show that I don’t really want to watch.