Yea snow

I know I’m a few days late, but this whole area got socked with a huge winter storm over the weekend. There were over 18 inches of snow.

Of course, tis the season to feel full of the winter spirit. And I definitely felt that walking to the bar Sunday night for a little bit of exercise. I thought about how neat it was that the roads hadn’t been plowed yet and how my car was buried in. The drifting snow being blown about by a gusting wind as Christmas lights blinked on and off as they were draped atop neighbors’ houses.

Then I started walking through the drifts of snow that sunk when I tread on them. The wind started to push past my toque as I passed by the site of the condemned house that was torn down a few months ago. On Main Street, the sidewalks paid the penalty of a clear road as the plows pushed the snow piles on the sidewalk ever higher. Truly, I felt I had “earned” the drink when I arrived at the bar.

Walking back was a much nicer experience, the mini-tractor had cleared the Quincy Street sidewalk.

Now, it’s great because the area is now covered with beautiful white snow. Aside from the stuff alongside the road, things generally stay pretty white and beautiful until spring rolls around.