Too much tube

Awhile back, I got into a little debate with my friend Steve about television. I argued that it’s all right to have some TV as long as it doesn’t overrun your life and that includes spending a little extra to get basic cable in the home. Steve took another position essentially that letting the TV into the home _is_ going to overrun your life — especially because the glowing box is practically begging for attention.

Well, we parted ways and I was inclined to think that a little TV is all right. However, I was at the House of Blues in Chicago last Thursday listening to Big Al and the Heavyweights. It’s a great venue with the friezes of blues legends gazing downing from the ceiling and a great Louisiana blues band, but I was constantly being distracted by the bloody TVs in the venue. I can understand why one might position TVs in a bar area (or even a whole sports bar), but it’s sooo distracting to have my attention diverted by needless glowing screens during a concert (publicizing upcoming events at the venue).

Perhaps I’m like a moth being drawn by flame, but some television has got to go.