Tying up loose ends

Just packing some things around the house. I’m surprised about how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the past four years. I kinda wonder if I need all these books and DVDs, especially when I think about the cost. At the same time, I do get a lot of value out of them, but I shouldn’t spend so much anymore (and I don’t).

At the same time, I’ve had to go through my newspapers and magazines. Not the Gazettes, which I’ve already culled from four massively tall stacks to one manageable box. Unfortunately, I’m dumping nearly all the newspapers I’ve picked up in my travels over the past four years. I just don’t have any space although I wish I could take pieces of Tuscaloosa, Toronto, Windsor, New York, DC, Syracuse, etc.

I’m also averse to throwing periodicals away, especially unread ones. I view them like books or videos — I don’t want to throw them away after buying them. Obviously I can’t be such a pack rat in the future.