‘Tis the season

It’s the first day of Lent. Although I’m not overly religious, I’m opting to exclude overeating at buffets for the next 40 days. There’s a lot of other things I should give up and not spend so much money on, but this is the start.

Additionally, today is the all-nighter for Michigan Tech’s Winter Carnival. I’m going to go out in a bit and see how everyone’s doing building their snow statues and other activities. As an added bonus, there should be some free chili and burgers scattered through the campus.

I’m looking forward to some pretty impressive statues. I’ll have some photos later. Although it was unseasonably warm last week, the cold returned in time for the festival. Although we haven’t received a lot of snow recently, I think it’s cold enough for some really good work.

So, a moment of fun before working on all the other stuff that I need to do in the next few days.