Tuesday’s episode of “Eureka” was -INSERT AD HERE-

Lewis Black ranted about it during the Emmy ceremony, but few TV executives seemed to have heeded the sage comedian’s words. Black delivered a funny, yet obvious, monologue about the annoying -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- banners and bugs that clutter up the TV screen when someone is trying to enjoy their program.
It seems the Sci Fi Channel hasn’t gotten the message. I was trying to watch Tuesday’s airing of “Eureka” but my viewing was interrupted by -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- the constant presence of a large promotional ad for an upcoming show of another series in the -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- right-hand corner of the screen. It loomed above the station’s normal bug (which is unnecessary in this era of digital cable/satellite and DVRs).
This ad was on the screen for the entire episode. (UPDATE: You can see the image on TV Squad’s episode review. Grrr.).
Now, I can see why Sci Fi can -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- lend some of the screen real estate for some promotions, but did I really to have to be subjected to that annoying promotion for -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- the entire 42-minutes of actual programming? Not only did it consume a bulk of my viewing time, it ate into the screen image. The station bug and banner ad gobbled up about a tenth of the viewable screen (already reduced because the show is letterboxed). When you add Sci Fi’s -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- 18 minutes of commercials along with the show, a viewer ends up watching commercials the entire time.
Indeed, the banner was so -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- annoying, I paused my enjoyment of the show I wanted to watch to give the advertised show -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- “Three Thumbs Down” on my TiVo (The thumbs are a way of indicating show preferences on the DVR). Not only have I never seen the show -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!-, I know have no desire to ever seek the show out. If the show happens to be on when I watch TV, I will steer far clear of this -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- program.
Notice that I have not disclosed the -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- show that Sci Fi was so eager to -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- promote. I have no desire to give this program any inadvertent promotion on my -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- own.
As I’ve tried to illustrate with this blog with the -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!-, the constant presence of the advertising banner totally takes away from my enjoyment of -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- this -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- program. -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!- -WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!-