I’m not going to “watch it all for you”

Odds are, you’ve got a friend who’s more than willing to say, “You should really watch this TV show.” At the very least, they’ll say something like, “Did you watch ‘Survivor’ last night?” Then you’ll have to shrug your shoulders and respond, “Isn’t that the show with the naked dude on it?”
In my office, I’m “that guy.” I try to stay up on the TV shows and other pop-culture happenings. I don’t obsess over TMZ every hour, but I watch my favorite shows and I check in with “The Soup” and “Best Week Ever” and call it good.
The thing is — after a week of trying to watch the new fall TV shows, I’ve come to the annual conclusion I’m not going to get to them all. I spent nearly all day Saturday watching recorded shows from the past week. The first seven hours of “The War” are a battle I have yet to engage.
There are some train wrecks that I want to watch (“Cavemen” and “Carpoolers” come to mind), just so I can have the experience of it. There are also some good shows I have no idea when I can watch them.
There’s a lot of enjoyable TV shows out there that have never entered my orbit. It happened last year with “Ugly Betty,” a show I have yet to watch a single episode of. It’s gotten to the point where I watch and thoroughly enjoy an episode of a “good” show, like “24” or “Lost,” but I have to pass on future airings because my viewing dance card is full.
I almost don’t want to watch another good show because it means there’s another series I’ll want to follow.
So, while other pop-culture enthusiasts say they’ll “watch it all for you,” there’s no way in heck I’ll do that. I’ll write about the amusing things I come across naturally. At some point in November, I’ll write about the most-viewed programs in the country (which often differ from what I watch).
I know most of my posts thus far have been about television. That’ll change as I get out into the Chico nightlife and explore other aspect of entertainment.