The tax man cometh

Every year, I’m the one in the office encouraging my fellow co-workers (who are all about the same age as I) to get their taxes done. I print out forms, visit Web sites and basically help them get it done before the big April 15. This year, I don’t have an office and most of my co-workers have left so I’m going to help everyone on my blog.

I know that April 15 seems like an eternity away, but it’ll be here soon enough. If you’d rather be a Ned Flanders and get your taxes done early (but maybe not on January 1), the State Tax Freedom Web site is a great place to go.

That link is to the State TurboTax Tax Freedom Web site which includes a quick test to see if you’re eligible to file your state taxes for free (as well as your personal federal return). Essentially if you’re earning less than $35,500 a year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use this site for free.

This is a slightly different site than the main Tax Freedom site which essentially buries the fact that you can process and file state taxes for free in many states (including Michigan, Idaho and 17 other states). Hopefully, the link to the State Tax Freedom site will save some confusion and hunting and pecking.

Going through TurboTax’s online program is quick, thorough, and easy as pie. I’ve personally filed online for free since I started doing my own taxes back in 2002.

Still, things haven’t been the same since Intuit discontinued Mac-in-Tax. I’m just kidding, I never used that program. It’s just fun to say. 😉