For the love of Mike…

So I just recommended for most people in my age and tax bracket to get taxes done quickly, easily and — best of all — free. Alas, I start my tax return and this message tells me that my browser (Mozilla 1.2) isn’t supported. At the same time, there were several things about this message that confounded me.

First of all, you can’t say “Mac OS 9.0 or higher” when the browsers you support don’t work in Mac OS 9.0. Second of all, AOL for Mac OS X? You guys don’t support Firefox or Mozilla, but you support AOL as well as Mozilla’s commercial cousin Netscape 7.x? Something’s rotten in Denmark.

It’s true I’m using an older version of Mozilla on an old version of Mac OS (9.2.2), but I generally don’t have a problem with browser support. After all, my version of Mozilla is still pretty standards-compliant.

Oh well, I still like the service so I’ll probably try and find a Mac OS X computer, *sigh* use a Windows-compatible PC or go back to H&R Block’s rival service. As a quick aside, here’s the IRS page for free online tax filing. Good stuff.