Singing and stuff

OK, I’ve done a lot more singing than my blog would show. The brief highlights include a drunken kiss (while I was singing “Radar Love”) at the Last Call, the horrible wait at the Abbottswood (2 songs in four hours, well three if you count the beatbox version of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”) and the power blackout at the Optimo last Saturday.

Monday at the Bear was probably one of the better nights at the bar in a while. Tim moved the setup inside after a chilly showing last Monday. People seemed to enjoy the songs I picked with people singing and dancing. That’s a rare occurance for me. Even if I’m the second coming of William Hung, at least we’re all having a good time.

  • Danger Zone
  • Man of Constant Sorrow
  • Cat’s in the Cradle
  • Soul Man
  • I’m gonna be 500 miles
  • Give it Away
  • Beast of Burden