This post really doesn’t have to do with pop culture except I picture the surveillance camera footage appearing on an episode of “Wackiest Supermarket Goofs” on FOX. Perhaps it will be in between clips of the shelves of soda falling to the floor and the band-saw butcher disaster in Bemidji.
I was at Safeway on Wednesday. I had just entered the store through the swinging door when I realized I needed a shopping cart. I turned to head back out the store and then I paused to ponder about which door to exit through.
Part of me thought it was inconvenient they put the shopping carts by the exit doors because people grab carts when they are coming into the store. Since I was in the act of coming into the store, I decided to go back the way I came — out through the “In” door.
I realized I made a mistake when I took a step forward and the “In” door closed into my face. The swinging door of doom crushed my glasses into my face. My eyes were OK, but I yelped in surprise and brief pain.
I reassured the one customer who came over to see what was going on. The momentary shock and pain passed quickly.
There was some blood, but it stopped quickly after rinsing and cleaning the wound.
Ultimately, I told the store’s management about the door. Perhaps they will find a way to make it more idiot-proof than before.