College football is like a bad simile

Louisiana State University and Ohio State University are duking it out tonight for the national college football championship in New Orleans. This season showed more than ever that the Bowl Championship Series is a flawed system.
Some gripe that two teams with one and two losses shouldn’t vie for the championship. I really didn’t have a problem with how the BCS game was determined until after this year’s season of upsets and constant turnover in the rankings.
In a season that didn’t make a lot of sense, the series of equations and computations that the BCS uses to determine the rankings didn’t really add up either. Perhaps, it’s a matter of the old programming axiom GIGO — “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”
It didn’t start with the BCS, the bowl system that preceded it is a little goofy. A Yahoo! Sports commentator pointed out earlier that college football doesn’t need the bowls, but it’s in the best interests for the bowl organizers to keep the system.
Ultimately, the BCS and the bowls are an incomplete fit for college football and an unsatisfying conclusion to what is usually a fun season of sports.
The current system is like a Waldorf salad — full of great tastes like apple and walnuts, but then topped off with mayonnaise. After this year, a better recipe is needed.