Night in Paradise

Well, part of it at least. Had a good time at Alan and Donna’s party in Magalia and met a lot of interesting people. Donna’s food was extremely good (like six-layer dip — it didn’t need a seventh layer) and creative (the spooky and zombie cheese balls were cool looking and the caramel apples were sweet treats). Stopped briefly at the ol’ Optimo. It was enough time to sing “Sink the Bismark” (which received a decent amount of applause) and watch an entirely pointless and brief fight break out in the seat next to me. Nightcap on foot to Duffy’s to chill with Ari (who was also at Alan’s). Coming in, I saw the aftermath of another fight. There were six police cars on hand to patrol the aftermath. I saw blood on the sidewalk near an abandoned costume consisting of aluminium foil and padding. Oh and all three stops were costume parties. Many of the outfits were creative (like the husband-wife power plug-socket combo I dubbed “Shock and Awe”). Some were classics — like women in school girl outfits. I was woefully underdressed for the occasion, but still had a good time.