Closing the door

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HANCOCK, Mich. — One last spin around my old apartment before checking out for good. The audio post deals with my “closing the door” on that wonderful, eclectic apartment.

I’ll miss my apartment, my home for the past four years. It was a steal at $200 per month, and it had a lot of what I would describe as character (Olivia and others would just point at the clashing green living room carpet and the garish red, orange and grey striped kitchen carpet and laugh). The apartment, set in the back of a converted market, had massive dining room, smaller living room and upstairs bedroom and a bath. Just a bath. I’m actually looking forward to showers again.

It’s been an emotional past couple of days. Seeing Olivia and my friends one last time before heading out West was a lot of fun. The weather alternated back and forth over the last few days. Today encapsulated the best of Copper Country winters with blue, sunny skies during the day before clouding over and giving the whole region a frosting of powdery snow.

I have to admit to tearing up a couple of times during the past two days during my last rounds at the bar, my last visit with my friends and just in the middle of packing.

So, I’m finishing up this post at the new library at MTU. In a minute, I’ll get back into my seriously overpacked car. I’ll be passing the bridge, The Daily Mining Gazette and the bright lights of downtown Houghton, all freshly decked with a dusting of lake-effect snow.

Sometimes the winters are tough in the Copper Country, but no one ever said they weren’t pretty.

As I leave one home for a new one, I hope I never forget my experiences in the region. Thanks to everyone who made it such a terrific experience. Farewell.