Bwa ha ha

I don’t know if I’m being economical or just a little low-brow. I was at a hockey fund-raiser called Pigs-n-Heat in Calumet. After the game, I wandered through the stands sorting through bottles of Pepsi fo winning iTunes caps. I collected about 12 of ’em.

The $12 value of the bottles outstrips the $5 donation that I voluntarily made for the fund-raiser (I got there about halfway through the game). The police lost to the fire fighters in overtime. It was a fun event.

I also wanted to note for the record that I think I’ve received inputted about 18 iTunes codes so far (first three, then five and then 10 tonight). I just want to make sure I keep track of the songs because there’s no easy way of doing it on iTunes. (BTW – I’ve also used two codes – for Randy Newman’s I Love LA and Outkast’s Hey Ya!).