Bad e-mail mojo

There’s some weird virus stuff going around. There’s a spoofed message supposedly from me on my Yahoo! Group. Just minutes after I posted a legitimate message, there was a message “from me” that contained W32.Beagle.H@mm

It’s very odd — especially because it wasn’t attached to my original message. I think it’s the virus problems that Yahoo! has posted warnings about. Perhaps there’s an automatic spammer out there that can somehow post to Yahoo!Groups using a previous message as a carrier.

I don’t think it’s me per se because — a) I’m using a Mac, b) I was posting using the Yahoo!Groups Web site (meaning I was using my Web browser [Mozilla] and not my e-mail client [Eudora]) and c) I don’t send any messages with my address (it’s a vanity address that redirects messages to my primary Yahoo! account). In fact, I don’t even have my UCSD Alumni username in my Eudora prefs whatsoever.

I’ll admit that that’s not a guarantee that it’s not me but given the total lack of Microsoft products in the equation, I’m not the most targeted mark in the book. There’s that and the fact that this specific worm doesn’t infect Mac, according to Symantec.

Post contains content from an e-mail I wrote in response to the matter