Will Apple find ‘Intel Inside’ Pandora’s Box?

Yeah, I’m mixing a lot of different analogies with my headline, but today may be the moment of truth for Apple. There’s been a ton of speculation that Apple may announce that it’s getting into bed with Intel. This MacNN article sums things up.

For me, it’s possible for the newest Macs to come with the “Intel Inside” badge. Apple’s done a lot of unexpected things over the years, some of it good and some downright debacles (like not allowing clones, and then allowing clones when it was too late). I, like many other commentators, don’t see what strong advantages switching to Intel has to offer — especially if switching to the Pentium-line puts the Mac OS X in direct competition against Microsoft Windows. There may be some cost or development advantages, but is it worth eliminating the relatively closed hardware environment of the Mac?

I don’t know. We may have some answers in a few hours.