What’s New – Updates from my old Web site through 1999

1 October 1999 

My senior year at UC San Diego began yesterday. I am looking forward to one of the busiest times in my life. This site might be static for a little while as I concentrate on higher priorities. I will post another update soon.

Before I am buried under my workload, I have created a Sherlock plugin for UCSD’s search engine. Sherlock allows Apple Macintosh users with Mac OS 8.5 or above to search many different sites from the Internet. There has been talk about putting the plugin on UCSD computers. You can download Stuffit or BinHex archived versions of the plugin.

12 September 1999

It’s six in the morning and I’m updating my webpage. Am I crazy? You betcha.

9 September 1999

My index page will continue to be “black” throughout the weekend. On Monday, I am going to launch an action page containing the issues that I have a passion for — including free speech issues.

There is one additional article from the Freedom Forum concerning Kincaid v. Gibson. One quote from Mark Goodman, director of the SPLC, stood out in the article.

“This decision represents an almost 180-degree turn from the strong First Amendment protections that have traditionally been afforded public college student media. Make no mistake, if allowed to stand, the decision · will gut student journalism programs at some colleges and universities.”

Kincaid centered around Kentucky State University’s withdrawal of The Thoughbred student yearbook from circulation for reasons such as “lack of school colors” and poor quality. Full details of the case can be found at the SPLC’s Kincaid page.

Meanwhile at UCSD, I am still researching what may be a large gap in the state’s open meeting laws. Namely, laws that are supposed to ensure access to the public governing process simply don’t apply to the ten campuses of the  University of California. You can see a summary of my research including the complete text of a state appeals court case that sets precidence for the university’s claims.

Now for some non-First Amendment content. Here’s my first set of short-attention span commentaries. I did hide some First Amendment stuff in there, but it’s all in good fun. (You, of course, realize that I’m going to disappear from the Internet when school starts. Enjoy it while it lasts.)

8 September 1999

My index page has gone “black” in protest of today’s decision to restrict college media’s right to free speech and a free press by the U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit.

Read the reactions from the Student Press Law Center and the Freedom Forum.

This case, Kincaid v. Gibson, marks the first time, an appeals court has used the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1988 decision in Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeieron (which allowed secondary schools to censor and restrict the speech of high school student media) to justify censorship of college media. Today’s decision directly affects states within the Sixth Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee).

On a more upbeat note, FCC Chairman William E. Kennard announced that he intends to fully implement the proposal for the LPFM service. Kennard was speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters convention last week in Florida. The NAB has taken a position against the creation of LPFM. Write your congressman or senator in support of LPFM

3 August 1999 

SALT LAKE CITY — Just spent two wonderful days in Utah with my family. We all gathered to take a family photo — even my aunt and uncle living in Tokyo. It was great to be back in the town where I was born. Now, I must prepare for the 11-hour drive back to Poway.

5 July 1999

Hey, hey. Here’s a badly needed update to my homepage. Check out some of the new stuff I added. By popular request, some pictures of my family will appear shortly. There are at least two more pieces that are almost ready for prime time.

Last quarter was my best ever. I had my best academic performance. I won two awards — second place in the SPJ contest and the Michael Sklar Award in the band.

9 June 1999 

Go finals! I’ve got two tests on Thursday and Friday. Here’s hoping that they go well.

Presenting my resume….

19 May 1999 

Ryan Olson – Award-winning Journalist!?!
The San Diego Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has posted the list of winners in their annual contest and I’m on it! I won’t know what I won until the banquet on June 10, but I’m psyched!

When I find out what I have won, I will post the story to the Guardian Stories section. BTW, there is a lot more stuff coming because I just started writing again. I’ll be back soon with reflections on 21 years of sobriety. – RTO

21 April 1999  

Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun. It’s near the middle of the last quarter of my junior year and things are hoppin’! I just got back from the UCSD Pep Band‘s annual trip to UC Davis near Sacramento. The newspaper ran a photo of us on the front page. Check out the scan of the photos that I put on my UCSD space.

As with everything else, I am constantly looking at how to make things better. Instead of moving my site to Tripod as originally planned, I want to open a website dedicated to the music that I have been playing for 10 years. Be sure to look for it when I have a spare moment.

Anyhoo, studying awaits as I try to successfuly make my way through another quarter. Adios! – RTO

12 March 1999 

The next generation of the Kronos One project is here. I’ve redesigned the main index page and getting ready to jump to Tripod. I’m (mostly) happy about the inside pages, so they shall remain mostly the same. If there are any errors, please e-mail me at rtolson@ucsd.edu


  • Created subdirectories for K1P pages.
  • Added news stories to the archieve in Guardian Stories.


  • Created In Focus to present commentaries and other articles.
  • Revamped website to include new look and feel.



  • I added GeoGuide to the index.html page.
  • Attempted to change Guestbooks, but since I don’t have have visitors I dropped the idea.
  • Added the Second Rate Slide Show. Placed several photos from UCSD Commencement, 1997 on a page.
  • Added explanation to the KronosX page so that people can download and view the site map.


  • I added a Java console on my page, but it made it slow so its outa here!
  • Added another Forum Piece and am working on my Links page ( I’m going to work it into one soon.)
  • I also am adding a nifty button bar to the top and a Kronos One tab on the bottom of all of the pages I edit.
  • By the way, some people are dropping by the space, thanks for coming and please keep coming back.


  • Dropped Mental Giants and the Commish, due to lack of intrest (by me, of course)
  • Replacing Mental Giants is KronosX using Apple‘s HotSauce technology.



  • The Kronos One Project is now the main page, index.html
  • Created UCSDvr and designed the UCSD Commuter Connection page
  • Redesigned the navigation bar.


  • Placed the first content on site



  • Got rid of the clock
  • Modified index.html and modified the others to match
  • First use of spell-checker on site
  • Created and placed the following sites
    • What’s New
    • Kronos One Preview Pages
      • UCSD Commuter Connection
      • Mental Giants
      • The Commish
  • Updated all web pages



  • Downloaded Claris Home Page Beta 2.0a
  • Used Claris Home Page to redesign index.html