What are the worst “sexy” costumes?

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday, it seems students and others moved the grown-up partying to this past weekend. Young adults in costumes were definitely out in force in Davis and in Chico this weekend.
I know others have pondered this in the past, but it’s amazing how some can take a holiday now geared for kids and totally make it inappropriate for said children. I know some alcohol awareness groups deplore how Halloween is now a drinking holiday.
On the costumes, I’m not really complaining. As a relatively young man, I certainly enjoy how some of the outfits look. In my limited observations, “sexy” costumes are most often worn by women. That’s not to say that men couldn’t get involved.
It’s always been my belief that someone can take any costume and make it “sexy” — often by tightening something here or loosening something there. Sexy cop. Sexy cat. Sexy nurse. And on and on for almost anything.
But is it true? Are there some costumes/occupations out there that can’t be made sexy?
Taking a look at a list of the worst jobs in the country (via a CareerJournal article on the “Jobs Rated Almanac”), it seems like many of them could, surprisingly, be made sexy:

  • 1. Lumberjack
  • 2. Fisherman
  • 3. Cowboy
  • 4. Ironworker
  • 5. Seaman

It might require some ingenuity for some of these occupations, but they could all work. There are four more on the list that might work. However, I don’t think “Sexy Stevedore” will come up soon.
I guess in the end, I could only think of one career/occupation that would be hard to “sexify”: Hazmat crew member.
Do you know of any occupations to add to the list of bad costumes?