We are the champions

My luck at games of chance is pretty lousy. I guess given the odds that a lot of people have the same luck. Saturday, however, was my lucky day.

I was at the rally in support of U.S. troops in South Range this afternoon. I was primarily interested in seeing how the turnout was (last year’s event was pretty awesome). That, and there would be a pig roast afterwards. (I am after all, not someone who turns down a good meal.)

So while I’m waiting for my friends and dinner to be served, I put my $5 in the raffle for 6 tickets. Dinner is good (potato wedges with ranch seasoning rock). After a while we jet to the movies (but not before Erin and Garrett do an a cappella organ solo).

My friends and I are about to go see a movie (Eternal Sunshine, again). Just as we’re about to go into the theater, I get a phone call. I won the 50-50 raffle with my share totaling $144.

While I’m enjoying the thrill of winning, the gentleman who told me the news asks if I want to give it to the troops. What could I do? I don’t want to be selfish (and be seen as selfish), but I’d like to have a few of those dollars. Plus supporting the troops was the reason for the event after all.

Ultimately, I give $100 back and opt to keep about $44. I hope that I’m not being greedy in wanting to keep some of the money.

Edit: Needed to remove weird text-wrapping from e-mailed post.