Way to show ‘The Incredibles’ twice in two days, NBC

Some critics have commented that NBC is almost becoming a broadcast version of a cable network. I used to disagree — I generally like many of the shows on NBC although some of its practices are annoying (including displaying promos of upcoming shows while I’m trying to enjoy the show that’s already airing). However, something happened Thursday and Friday that seems to confirm NBC’s cable-readiness.
After showing the Pixar film, “The Incredibles,” once on Thursday, NBC decided to follow up by airing the same movie again 24 hours later. It’s perfectly understandable to air the movie on the holiday — after all, most networks air blockbuster films during holidays. However, airing the movie again a day later seems like a cheap tactic.
I guess it makes sense if NBC is wringing out as much value from buying the rights to air the movie, but it’s troubling on some levels. Does NBC not have any programming at all to show on Friday nights? Does it have any programming that might garner better ratings that a day-old repeat of a movie?
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