TiVo Troubles

After only having my TiVo Digital Video Recorder for about two weeks, I’ve managed to break the darn thing. I swear it wasn’t my fault — I was watching a classic episode of X-Play when the screen froze. It could’ve been a momentary hiccup, but it turned out to be alot more.

After a few minutes, the unit was pretty much non-responsive to the remote control. Restarting the beast, which previously solved the TiVo’s ailments, didn’t work despite my repeated efforts. Instead of the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” that haunted old PCs, I was struck with the Grey Screen — a cheery greeting saying that television goodness was just around the corner but perpetually frozen.

In the back of my mind, I was cursing my eternal cheapness (the unit was factory refurbished), and that TiVo was going to have to send me a replacement unit.

Although the phone call to technical support was long — I was waiting for at least 45 minutes — the people on the other end of the phone were very professional. I was also struck by how devoted TiVo fans they seemed to be — the first woman Sandy mentioned how she couldn’t live without her TiVo and soap operas. The technician mentioned how he has four units (three were refurbs coincidentally).

While I think the TiVo is very nice, it’s really just a more convenient way of watching TV. I like the fact that TiVo automatically recorded my favorite shows all the time, but it’s just TV nonetheless.

In the end, TiVo is going to have to send me a new unit (which should be here soon). As my abbreviated love affair with TiVo is about to resume, I’ve learned some interesting things about my viewing habits.