The sounds of the Chico streets

Sometimes when I’m walking on the streets of Chico, the little things will catch my attention. They can be grotesque — like physical evidence of over-partying, but once in a while, the little things can be magical.
I was walking on East Third Street in March when I noticed an unusual clanging sound coming from the ground. I traced it to a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. grate between Main and Wall streets.
The sound was definitely mechanical, but the repetitive clanging and wheezing of the subterranean machine had an oddly musical quality to it. The sound was loud, but it diminished quickly as one moved away from the grate.
I don’t know what caused the sound. It was gone the next time I walked past it a week later. It was a nice addition to the normal sights and sounds that one might see on the street.
I recorded a snippet of the sound on my cell phone. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.