The reign of the geek begins tonight

With the fall TV season is in full swing, my free time is going to be totally sucked dry as I try to keep my TiVo’s hard drive from filling up. One thing I’ve noticed is that geeks are going to be pretty much ruling the roost this fall (until the cancellation ax falls).
There are a number of cool shows that I’m checking out — “Bionic Woman,” “Heroes,” and “Pushing Daisies.” “Beauty and the Geek” remains the only reality show that I can stomach on a weekly basis.
One new show I’m definitely adding to my Digital Video Recorder is “Chuck,” which premieres tonight. There’s not much I can add that hasn’t been said elsewhere — the pilot episode is tight. It’s full of polish and cinematic flares under the direction of McG.
There are some weird questions about the premise that could prevent the show from totally succeeding, but the strength of the cast and the general fun of the premise could keep it going for a long time.