Super Bowl delivers super stunner

There are certain assumptions that people have about the Super Bowl — most people watch the commercials and the game itself is actually kinda dull. This year’s Super Bowl turned those assumptions on their heads by delivering an outstanding game. The commercials were more of an expensive afterthought offering the usual mix of hits and misses.
Sure, the game was slow going after the New York Giants scored a field goal in the first quarter and the New England Patriots answered with seven points just barely into the second quarter. The fourth quarter definitely paid for the price of admission as the Giants surge into the lead only to let it slip from their fingers with just minutes left in the game.
Down four points, Giants quarterback Eli Manning delivered one of the most outstanding Super Bowl plays I’ve seen. I would try to describe it, but watching a clip would do it much more justice.
The Patriots blitzed Manning and had their hands on his jersey. Pulling away from the eager tugs of his opponents, Manning is able to scramble into the open briefly. Instead of letting the chaos wash over him, Manning actually throws the ball downfield into the arms of his receiver.
I’m sure you can get better recaps elsewhere on the ‘net. However, when people are screaming “Oh, my God” repeatedly over a play, it’s worth mentioning.