Stoking political flames

HOLLAND, Mich. — I’ve been going back and forth a little bit about the fact that President Bush doesn’t seem capable of admitting actual mistakes (see his responses during the debates and during one of the two or three press conferences Bush has held in the past three years). I have an idea, but it may be a little incendiary.

If I ever cornered the president at a White Castle or something, my question for him would be “When you go to church and ask for God’s forgiveness, what do you seek forgiveness for?”

I don’t think it’s a question that would ever be asked. I don’t even know if it’s appropriate — it might even be a little disrespectful. However, if Bush is such a good Christian man (as depicted by the media and embraced in the hearts and minds of many Americans across the country), I think he honestly would seek forgiveness for something.