Testing WordPress Aggregators

This is a feed of all aggregated feeds from Syndicate Press: ()
[sp# feedList=all]

This is just the Buzz Blog’s “Dollar Makes You Holler”
[sp# feedList=buzzblog include=dollar]

This is from WP RSS Aggregator ()


Inpsyde Multisite Feed might be a solution — it combines multiple network blog feeds into on. I think the plugin requires a multiblog environment to work, but it might work for us.

Multipost Posts seems to be similar and allows the feed to be called in both the theme and a widget.

I tried Local Syndication. It’s easy to use to insert other pages on a blog post, but I don’t think it’ll work for what we want.

I attempted to use the RSS Multi Importer, but ran into a bug trying to import more than one feed (it would only let me create and save one, others could be added but not saved). Bummer, but I’ll have to move on for now.

Feed WordPress doesn’t seem like it will work because it imports feeds as blog entries (although there is the option to import/display them differently). There may be some potential in a multiblog environment, but it’s not exactly what we’re looking for.