Sacrificing online friends for a burger?

Burger King is definitely on top of the fast-food heap when it comes to viral marketing. Even if people would never wear the restaurant’s meat-scented cologne, they would sure talk about it.
Their latest campaign was called “Whopper Sacrifice” where people would get a hamburger if they axed 10 of their friends from their Facebook lists. The promotion appeared popular — more than 230,000 friends were dumped before BK pulled the plug. According to the Chicago Tribune, Burger King opted to end the promotion after Facebook raised privacy concerns.
I was curious about who would do this for free eats. Some people pointed out that it would be easy for a Facebook user to ax 10 easily re-addable friends who would get a laugh at Burger King’s silly de-friending notification
It just seems like a lot of trouble for a burger. I also wouldn’t like to dump 10 of my Facebook friends. I haven’t gone out and added hundreds of friends — I value nearly all of the few friends I have. I don’t know if you could put a price on my friends, but it’s definitely worth more than a free burger.