Random, crazy guess

Two of my favorite tech companies in the world, Apple and TiVo, are on the verge of some big announcements next week. On Tuesday, Apple will make an announcement in San Francisco. In the other corner, PVRblog has a post referring to wild rumors that TiVo will release its new Series 3 HD-capable DVR on Tuesday.

The fact that both of these announcements is supposed to come on Tuesday has got me thinking — what if they’re related in some way?

They’ve been rumored to get together in the past, but nothing ever came of it. Well, let me just add my wacky, pie-in-the-sky prediction — Apple and TiVo are going to jointly announce something on Tuesday. I don’t know what, but I can see a minor/major announcement including TiVo finally releasing TiVo-to-Go for the Mac which Apple could somehow integrate into its Front Row home entertainment suite.

Having the TiVo service that ports recorded programs to the computer and the iPod could bolster Apple’s efforts to integrate its box into the living room. That could benefit both companies, while playing up the technologies that both are known for.