Preview of pro page up

Just reloaded my professional page with a new layout (the same one teased earlier on my personal blog) and some new content (a delicious story about pasties).

It’s just an appetizer, there’s still a lot more work to be done. However, I hope it’s enough to get me started and keep me going.

(Not-so-)Quick note: I don’t know how many people get SpikeTV, but I wholeheartedly recommend Joe Schmo 2. It’s a reality show for two people — for everyone else, it’s a fake set up to mock reality programming.

I caught the first series last year and the second series with a Joe and Jane Schmo on a mock dating show has successfully raised the stakes. In short, the Jane thinks the show is rigged (which of course it is, but she’s not supposed to know).

Lots of humor, lots of mockery of reality TV and it’s just really well done. Check it out, and visit the TiVo Community Forum to chat with fans (sometimes the producers stop by).