Passing the word

I received this mass e-mail from a former classmate from Poway High School Class of 1996. It says to pass the message on, so here we go. BTW, I tweaked the links slightly because I don’t like to direct spam to anyone. – RTO

Hello Class of 96!!!!

I hope each and everyone if you is well. It’s great to see all your names again!!!

I just wanted to let you know that we are busy planning our reunion. (Can you believe it’s been 10 years already!?) The date has not been set but time wise we are looking at the end of August/early September. (Not Labor Day weekend as I know everyone tends to have big plans.)

More information and updates will be forth coming. If you haven’t so already please add your name to the PHS alumni list so we can get in contact with you:
[It’s in the alumni section on the PHS Web site – RTO]

Also please pass this along to the rest of our class if you have their e-mails!!!

We look forward to seeing you!! It’s going to be an unforgettable and FUN NIGHT!!!

Warmest regards,

Anna Massengill
-at- yahoo