One last Christmas card idea …

This really doesn’t pertain to the Chico Christmas card theme, but I had one last idea for a Christmas card. I wanted a simple photo of a Christmas tree with a twist — it would be presented in the same graphical style as the Obama HOPE poster. Here’s a refresher if you need it.
I was wondering how to recreate the effect. Thanks to the internets, I quickly found a tutorial. This step-by-step guide by Zach Wentz on Vectortuts makes it look relatively straightforward if you have the right software (namely Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator).
Instead of red and blue hues, my card would have green and red tones. The caption could say “TREE,” but it seems kinda lame. (Did the original poster say “OBAMA”? I think not.) I guess “HOPE” applies to Christmas too.
I guess I could do it next year, but it might be a little passe at that point. Perhaps I can produce it in a couple of year when it will seem retro, like old “Nixon for President” T-shirts.