O Canada

Canada's flagCongrats to the Vancouver/Whistler area for winning the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Let’s see if Canada can put on “the best Games ever.” Regardless, CBC’s Olympic coverage usually puts NBC’s to shame. Maybe it’s because CBC actually shows sporting events live and without the dramatic pap.

I have fond memories from the 1988 Calgary Games which are the first Olympics I really remember.

Speaking of Canada, July 1 was Canada Day (or la fête du Canada) which commemorates the confederation of Canada as one entity in the 1860s.
CBC TV carried a live concert. The introduction included several Canadians (famous and otherwise) singing “O Canada.”

William Shatner popped up in there “singing” the national anthem. His singing style was more a proclamatory statement instead of an actual melody — like Capt. Kirk or Rex Harrison from “My Fair Lady.” Otherwise lots of good fun.