Now more personal than ever

The frequent visitors to my Web site (all two of you) may have noticed something new. I’ve relaunched the page to include more graphics and information than before.

Some of the buttons on the right aren’t working yet. I’ve got some new photos, radio material and more so those links will become active in short order.

As intended the personal page is supposed be symmetrical yet different from the main Professional site. The pro site’s main content area is on the right side of the page, whereas it’s on the left for the personal site. The navigation images on the pro site are horizontal while those on the blog are vertical. See? It’s the same yet totally different.

Other additions include adding a search box from Google so people can find what they’re looking for. I’ve also grouped the archive pages into a pull-down menu so it’s not as unwieldy. I’m still trying to figure out what the heck CSS does for Web design, so I’m relying heavily on tables for the site.

I hope that this new design is easier to use and more pleasing on the eye. Any comments or questions? Please direct them to ryan -at-