NBC, please re-up “Chuck”

As the second season of the NBC spy spoof, “Chuck,” winds down, fans are gearing up to fight for a third season. Where else are you going to get a and witty spoof of both spy movies and geek culture expertly woven into 44-minute packages?
Marueen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune sums up the situation quite well.
Personally, “Chuck” is one of the best things about television on Monday night or any other night of the week. I was recording it along with “Heroes,” but it’s gotten to the point where I’ve dropped the superhero show from my lineup and focused on “Chuck.”
It’s a great combination of spy drama and geek comedy with just a touch of ’80s nostalgia thrown in for kicks. Some of the plot falls apart when you probe for specifics, but it holds up for most casual viewers.
Considering all the creative energy the show has in its tanks and the lack of many strong one-hour programs on NBC (can you name two?), I hope the network considers picking up the series for at least one more year.