My next computer

All-in-one iMacWell, not for a while yet anyway. However, Apple Computer announced the new G5 iMacs in Paris yesterday, and they look pretty snazzy. The new computers are up to 2.2 inches thick and pack the new G5 processor.

It’s true that this is Apple’s consumer CPU so it’s missing a lot of the horsepower the professional machines have (on the system bus, expandability, etc.), but I think the simple, elegant design is a winner. Other PC makers have tried this type of form function before (including Apple’s 20th Anniversary Mac), but it’s always looked like a monitor with CPU guts attached. The new iMac brings monitor and CPU together in a very svelte manner.

I was thinking about buying an eMac (essentially a grown-up CRT iMac) as my next computer, but seeing this new machine makes me want to aim higher.