LostUP: ‘Pure Michigan’

One of the blogs on the Detroit Free Press is asking what “Pure Michigan” means to its readers. Apparently, the state of Michigan is looking to boost tourism to its beautiful state and is working on the “Pure Michigan” angle. Here’s my take on what Michigan means to me.

“As a former Upper Peninsula resident, I’ll always remember those cool summer nights in Houghton sitting on a wooden deck watching as cars make their way over the mechanical majesty of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge. Aside from the cars, most of the area is silent as the thin strand of Lake Superior that forms the Portage Lake Shipping Canal slowly floats by. I would enjoy the view with my friends as we drank Bell’s Oberon and marvelled at the connections in the world.

These connections — bridges, waterways and friendships — seem to be vital to Michiganians. They are definitely things I would consider to be ‘Pure Michigan.'”

I don’t know if it’s meaningful or anything, but that’s what I think about when I miss Michigan.