Let the games begin!

With the end of the Athens games, it’s time for several more competitions to get underway. Which do you think will be more interesting — the GOP Convention this week in NYC or the World Cup of Hockey over the next three weeks?

I’m leaning toward the hockey, especially because of the theory that this is the last chance for hockey before a NHL lockout. In addition, there should be actual competitions on the ice, where the convention is kinda like a week-long commercial for the GOP. Much like the Democrats before the Olympics.

Speaking of competitions, the fall TV ratings war is about to begin. Say didja notice any NBC ads for their fall season during their Olympics broadcast? With an average of 70 hours of broadcasting a day, I’m sure NBC was able to air a couple hours worth of promos for its fall season daily. I was watching mostly the CBC, and they fit in their three promos a couple million times.

For what it’s worth, many TV critics are saying that NBC’s line-up this year is pretty tame — even tamer than a few years ago. I can say that there’s nothing that I really feel like tuning in for — not even the murderous lions getting their own show on Father of the Pride.