Keep on Rocklin in the Free World

I don’t normally go to Rocklin for karaoke at Rebounds, but I thought of four reasons to travel down there Sunday. A quadruple threat if you will. There was:

  1. Karaoke. It was pretty fun the last time and the singers were good (there was a contest).
  2. Trivia. It’s the closest place to play NTN.
  3. Seeing people. Maybe that girl from Sacramento would be there again.
  4. Supper. Maybe check out Texas BBQ or Old Spaghetti Factory for a bite. Well, I couldn’t find the BBQ place (again). Maybe next time after I’ve looked up directions. So I ended up just going to Garden Fresh.

The karaoke was servicable. It was a new group starting after the old KJ quit last month to start her own company. The bartender said the crowd has dropped off after she left. I hope it picks up. Ultimately it wasn’t that bad of a night. I sat at the bar, playing trivia and reading the Bee in between songs.

  • She Caught the Katy
  • Busted
  • It’s the End of the World
  • Minnie the Moocher
  • Friends in Low Places

While I took the wrong highway (again) to Arden Fair, I did get out of Rocklin in a straightforward fashion, instead of driving in circles.