I think they’re investigating…

I’m reading more newspapers online these days. It’s interesting reading stories from around the country, especially some of the different writing styles. There was one story from down South that caught my eye today.

The story was about a recent search at a college that may be linked with another criminal probe. Obviously it seems like a confusing matter, but the story didn’t clear things up until the background portion toward the end. I’m not going to name the paper or the college, but this is the fourth graf:

Why the (…) investigation is being investigated and who is at the center of the investigation is unclear.

I know I’m new to this story, but with two cases centered around the college, this sentence was a roadblock in the story. I had to stop for a bit and puzzle out what the writer meant. I also reflected on the repeated use of the word “investigation.”

As I understand it now, I think the writer was trying to say it’s unclear why investigators have launched this new probe and who is being targeted.

I’m sure that my writing has been less than clear on occasion over the years, and I think this shows there’s always room to be clearer and more concise.