Get ready for 09-09-09

Remember how people made a huge deal out of 07-07-07? And then, a year, a month and a day later, when 08-08-08 was a hullabaloo?
Today is the next day in the sequence, and I wonder if people will mark the day for any particular reason.
Since the millennium started, I’ve been getting e-mails to mark days like 01/02/03. I was also forewarned about problems on 06/06/06, although nothing much happened.
That fateful date in 2006 was the first time I recall that we marked the repeating single-digit phenomenon. I don’t recall a lot of people marking 05/05/05. Who would celebrate it, aside from someone who plays slots too much?
Apparently, some people are marking 09/09/09. Depending on who you ask, the number 9 is either lucky and evil.
While no one is saying it, I think 09/09/09 is an evil date. After all, “999” is just “666” turned upside down. On the other hand, maybe upending that number might negate its effects.
Although this type of numerology can be fun, it’s a little silly to me. It’s possible some external factors in play, I believe we assign our own beliefs and myths to the greater world.