Fun with numbers

Just looking up some possible phone numbers on the SBC Web site (BTW, SBC, what was wrong with names like PacTel or Ameritech (or Pacific Bell or Michigan Bell, for that matter)? And why do you have to hide your former name “Southwestern Bell Company” with a silly acronym?)

Anywho, they’ve presented me with several interesting options. A quick check to presents some funny names by using the letters matched with each number on the keypad.

For 345-3285, it comes back such great “FILE-AT-5” (perhaps a newspaper reference?), “DIKE-AT-5” (if only I was a lesbian… oh wait, “dike” means levee.) “345-FAT-5” (perhaps reminding me to diet), “FILE-CULL” (definitely a newspaper reference), “FILE-BULK” (definitely a reference to my tendency to be a packrat).

Since that’s the most interesting number (in terms of spellings), that’ll probably be the one I’ll choose. Although “TWIN-HULL” does sound intriguing…