Failed advertising 101

You never know what you’re going to find on the Internet, and I’m not talking about some perverted Web site that your co-worker thinks is “funny.”

I was filtering through my junk e-mail box on Yahoo! Mail when this ad from State Farm Insurance loaded on the page:

Scary Suze ad

In case you’re not a fan of PBS, this is money “guru” Suze Orman. I don’t know all that much about her — except Orman and the other members of her same self-help cabel takes over PBS during pledge-drive times (showcasing piles of unpleasantness over the normal, high-quality of PBS programming).

*deep breath* Anyway, I already don’t care for this woman, but this advertisement takes the cake — why would you want advice from a woman with those eyes? A friend just said she looks like a cultist, but I’m thinking about the unblinking eyes of Steve Forbes.

Bottom line — I’m thinking State Farm has made a mistake here. I have absolutely no desire to click through on this ad.