Election static

POWAY — Thanks to Kerry’s strong lead in California, the airwaves in San Diego seem to be clear of any presidential ads. However, this void seems to be more than filled by ads for other races including state office as well as the countless state, county and city propositions.

Going into the 5 o’ clock news tonight, I saw one political commercial after another. Since I haven’t been following local politics since I live hundreds of miles away, everything is just so darn confusing. Why do people want to close a landfill that was overwhemlingly approved by voters a few years ago? What’s up with this lawsuit reform proposition?

I’m generally a supporter of the proposition system, but I’m disappointed by so many issues that confront the voter every two years — especially when there’s two similar-looking propositions that do two totally different things. Another thing I don’t like is when voters approve initiatives that strip rights away from others.

Like many people, I think I would vote “no” on any proposition unless there’s a really, really good reason for it.

Note:I find it pretty funny that the state of California hasn’t taken my name off the voter rolls since I moved away in January 2001. I wouldn’t want to try it, but I guess the old saying “vote early, vote often” could apply to me.