Dude, where’s my summer?

I don’t want to wail endlessly about the weather, but I do want to observe that this has been one of the coolest summers that I’ve witnessed in my short life.

As the slow winter thaw dragged on through spring, my friends started complaining about the lack of warm temperatures. Indeed, spring morphed into a half-hearted leap with sweatshirts and jackets remaining on our backs until mid-May. It certainly gave a new meaning to phrase “June gloom.”

Ever the optimist, I bravely tried to push past the naysayers. I pointed to my previous summers in the U.P. — despite the ever-dominating presence of snow from late December through April, summers have turned out alright. It got sad when people around started saying, “It’s all downhill after July Fourth.”

No, no, I said. Wait until August. August has always been the most luscious month in the Keweenaw full of vibrant growth and life.

I was wrong.

Now with kids about to return to school, the leaves have already started to turn. It’s Aug. 26. Sure, we’ve had some really nice days — blue skies, gentle breezes and a benevolent sun shining down, but they seem to be far and few in between the muck. It’s just I don’t think we’ve gotten our fair share of the good weather.

It’s been cool — I’ve only had my fan on twice this summer compared to weeks in years past. In one sense, it’s a good thing. There are fewer pests, and the decreased need for mechanical cooling (or air-blowing) means cheaper power bills.

And the good days have been glorious. The Copper Country Strawberry Fest happened to fall on the best weekend of the year, so far. I got to clear brush on a Lake Superior beach with a college friend on another fabulous day. I’m upbeat about the Houghton County Fair this weekend (starting tonight).

While I’m hoping for a late-season turnaround, I’m going to take advantage of the remaining warm days — who knows what’s around the bend.