Diminishing returns, take 2

Over the years, I’ve made some pretty weird trips for an event, but probably not as often or as far as others. I’ve never been compelled to travel hundreds of miles for a music festival (although the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival sounds tempting).
This question came up recently when I saw the announcement for theater screenings of “Razor,” the new “Battlestar Galactica” movie airing later this month on Sci Fi. After my hopes were elevated about seeing the modern incarnation of the sci-fi series on the big screen, they were dashed by the realization that the nearest screening was Walnut Creek in the Bay Area.
Oh and the screening was on a Monday night.
One part of my mind screams, “It’s only a trip to the Bay Area. Get the tickets.”
Sometimes, I indulge that part of my brain (sometimes I indulge it too often). A cooler part of my head prevailed in this case.
In the end, is it worth driving about six hours for a two-hour movie? Considering that it’ll be on TV and available on DVD, I reluctantly said “no” and passed on the offer.